Who is the White Butterfly?

My name is Amanda and I am…

* First and foremost a follower of Jesus Christ and proud to be called His daughter.

* Wife to a wonderful man, John (aka JP). We live in Sydney with our fur baby – Casper.


* A creative:

I especially love photography! So much so that I started my very own photography business called Yellowseed Photography (www.yellowseed.co). I specialise in earlylogo childhood photography.



JP and I also started a ‘sister’ photography business that we run as a dynamic duo called Fold by Two (www.foldbytwo.com). We document all facets of life, love and connection.

My true photography passion is in capturing every day life in a raw yet artistic way. This is where my personal photography is a great outlet for me to extend beyond what I shoot for a living, and to push the boundaries of my art. It’s a great source of expression and freedom for me.


When I’m not taking photos – you will find me working at our cafe’ and wine bar called Well Co. Cafe (www.wellcocafe.com). JP is on the coffee and I am on the floor..at your service.


* A writer at heart. It’s a love that has always been there – even since I was a little girl. I don’t see it going away any time soon.

I especially love to write about life and the lessons it brings. My desire is to share with anyone and everyone, as openly as possible. By remaining transparent, my greatest desire is to help people with uplifting words of hope and encouragement. My writing is raw, and true to life as I know it.

*A qualified Interior Designer, but no longer practice professionally. I still love all things design and artsy though!

I realised after some time that there can be more ways than one to have a creative outlet and that it was ok that my dreams and desires for my vocation and calling have developed and changed over the years.

* A work in progress!

I’m not perfect. I don’t pretend to know it all. Life is a journey, an adventure –  and it’s exciting!! I don’t expect it to be roses and rainbows all day every day, and despite my shortcomings I know that I have a Saviour who has already accepted me for who I am, and is growing and changing me into the best person I can be. Not in my own strength,  but His.

I am so thankful that you stopped by! I truly mean that.

I really hope this space will be a positive part of your day, and please.. let’s not make this a one way conversation. It’s not much fun just talking to myself.

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts as you browse and peruse.

White Butterfly xox


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