Every day is an adventure. 

A spontaneous afternoon drive to Newport and Palm Beach was exactly what we needed for a bit of R&R!  This is our “picture perfect” day.

photo-blog-1 photo-blog-2 white butterfly1 white butterfly white butterfly2 white butterfly3 white butterfly4 photo-blog-4 white butterfly5 white butterfly6 photo-blog-9 photo-blog-5 photo-blog-6 photo-blog-8



photo-blog-11 photo-blog-10 photo-blog-12

Location One: The Newport. If you haven’t been here, and you have a spare day to make the trip; I would highly recommend a visit! We were a bit late for a proper lunch, but made it just in time to grab a quick bite. We enjoyed having the place pretty much to ourselves too! (The perks of having Monday’s off). Can only imagine how crazy busy it must get on a weekend!

Location Two: We hadn’t had our coffee fix for the day, so also stopped over at The Boathouse to ‘refuel’ before the drive home.





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