Take a Break

With the busyness of life, taking time for solitary and a recharging of the batteries is crucial for my soul, my relationship and in all honesty – for my sanity!

My husband and I run two full time businesses so time away from our hectic life is a rarity, but is something we purposely make time for even if only once or twice a year. It’s something I believe we should all try to fit into our lives.

Time for me.

Time for you.

Time for us.

We should all take the opportunity to take “short breaks” from the routine and mundane of every day life.

Whatever way, shape or form we choose to do it.

It’s amazing how your mindset and perspective can be changed and refreshed when you put yourself in a new and unfamiliar environment and do things that make your heart and spirit come alive.

Ok, so not everyone is in a position to go away for a long weekend and a short break seems impossible for many. But think of it this way…

Perhaps your break looks like taking an hour or two out of your week or month to do something that you enjoy?

If you are married it most certainly must be something you should be making time for as a couple.

I have only been married six months and I already know how important it is for us to take the time to just appreciate, love and indulge in each other’s company and remember why we decided to do life together in the first place.

Taking a step back from daily life can really help you appreciate those around you; to appreciate those who mean the most to you.

When was the last time you had a date night with your husband or wife? A night out without the kids?

How about some quality one on one time with your children?

Father and daughter. Mother and Son.

Mother and daughter. Father and Son.

And don’t forget yourself…

Taking some time to connect with God, nature and the beauty on your very back doorstep and to just take in the wonderful and most lovely creation that God has given us; this can be one of the best medicines for stress, worry and anxiety.

I know it has been for me.

It truly is in the small details – in the surrender, that our greatest rest comes.

It’s in the simple things where a culture of gratitude is birthed.

So why not give yourself permission for a break?

You deserve it!

{Here’s what a short break looked like for us recently on a trip to Victoria}

Photos taken by my ever talented husband JP and yours truly (me)….

Blessings! xox



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