Self Portrait: Day 8 // 4:28pm


I visited the in-laws for lunch today and as they live near the beach, I was excited for an opportunity to do a self portrait in a different environment other then at home for a change! Long story short – it didn’t happen. The opportunity was there, but as we walked along the sand and breathed in the ocean air, I was feeling surprisingly uninspired.

I felt disappointed when I got home and then my husband casually states “Well, why don’t you just go out to the back deck and try something there?”. “But the sun has moved and its dark and flat. What could I possibly come up with there?”

With the afternoon nearly over, I figured I may as well try since I hadn’t produced a photo that I was happy with yet.

I set the camera up for a few different sets and poses with no results. It was all just boring, boring and did I say boring. Then, I suddenly noticed a small patch of light that was reflecting from our neighbours upstairs window. It was then I realised. Yes! I could do something with this!

So I did.


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