Revelation Photo

“In just one quick click I had created something that made my heart sing”

I recently read an interview of a popular photographer who was asked the question:

“What is the most memorable photo you have ever taken?”

It got me thinking and reminded me of an image I captured on my travels in India over five years ago.

It has spoken to me as loudly as it did before, but even deeper than it did back then.

It represents a reason, a season and my new beginning.

This is the most memorable photo I have ever taken. Roopanga, India.

It may not be the most technically sound of photos but I see a story within the frame. And the amazing thing is, I never even knew her name.

These children and this image capture the core of what being humble and rich truly means. I didn’t realise it but I was seeing them through God’s eyes. I didn’t even know it yet, but he was doing a good work from within.

As I reflect on this image – I watch. I wait. I listen.

It’s communicating to me a true heart song. This is what I see.

Beauty through out all the earth, a tapestry of complexity, of shade and shape and light.

We are His created ones; raw, rugged and yet the most beautiful of forms.

I see passion. Perfect imperfection. I wait.

India-2There’s pain. But His joy will be there’s. They just want to be seen.

There’s a curiosity that is drawing me in. Trust and openness is found.

Hope and yet great desperation. I listen.

He calls to me reminding me that I have so much more to give. That I am on a mission.

I am here to be a part of God’s body – helping put back together the broken pieces of His great masterpiece.

To allow His light, his love and peace radiate from within. I am to create more, love more, and offer more so that true beauty can be seen. I must learn to stop and listen.

Then He may be glorified and glisten.

India-3This can only be made real through trust and obedience.

Have faith that what God says is true.

He has called me to be a vessel, his voice – his vision.

He will be the one to get me through.

No more masks, no more coverings, no more hiding.

God is already there. Am I? He cares. Do I?

I do.


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