I’ll Be Seeing You

Some may describe you as smart, kind, funny, and the life of the party; all who know you will remember your infectious smile and how much you savoured a glass (or two) of red wine. Everything I love and hold dear about you can be described in just one word, because to me – you are…Pop. And that is how you shall stay in my heart, for always.

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When I saw my Grandfather for the very last time after his passing only a couple of weeks ago, I was brought back to a memory when I was just a young girl of maybe six or seven. It was a unique experience because not only was I visualising the memory and watching it like a movie in my mind; but I could almost taste, smell, hear and touch everything about the moment like it was happening all over again.

Of all the memories I could possibly think up of my three decades of knowing my Pop, the one thing I was thinking of in that very second of goodbye; was a seemingly simple memory of him joking around with my brother’s and I while making us breakfast when we visited he and my late Nanna at their house in Canberra, all those years ago.

Why this particular memory?

What I realised was that despite all the great memories I have of my Pop, the very moment in time that I have held dearest with him, was the time spent together in what is an otherwise overlooked daily scenario. I mean, it was a breakfast I had over twenty years ago and yet this particular memory holds for me, the most cherished times with my Pop.

How often do we take for granted those seemingly simple moments shared with those we love? I know I do this all the time.

I have been reminded through loss, that my family and the relationships I hold dear (including my relationship with God) are more important to me than anything else. No amount of money, success or treasures of the earth could replace the relationships in my life.

My relationships may very well be the fundamental reason as to why I am here; and could hold the key to what it is I am here to do.

Like that simple breakfast shared with my Pop some twenty years ago, it’s in these humble yet profound moments that I have come to understand and appreciate what it means to be cared for and loved.

And that’s all any of us want in life: To be loved, appreciated, and accepted.

For if we are without love, we have nothing.

I am going to cherish and hold onto every second I have with those closest to me like it was our last. Because the truth is, we don’t know how much time we have left with each other?

Life as we know it is but a shadow.

Treasure the ones you love and tell those close to you how you feel about them and what they mean to you often, because you may never have another chance to say it again.

I am taking the glass half full approach from this experience. I will remember to appreciate the people in my life and love them even deeper.

I will love God with a wholehearted and distinct devotion – with all I am and all I have within me. If I can do this, then I know I can also love others with authenticity.

I will work at having a greater ability to love others in the times when it is hardest to love.

To love the un-loved.

How easy it is to discount the significance of our relationships.

Please don’t let anything come between you and those you love (or love to hate) because it could very well be the difference between a last good bye and an “I’ll be seeing you”.

This is dedicated to Bruce Charles Owen (23.5.33 – 5.1.15) who meant very much to so many.

You will be sadly missed, but never forgotten.

 I’ll be seeing you, Pop.



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