My No-Year Resolutions

I don’t do new-year resolutions. It’s not that I have anything against the idea, I just figure to save the shame and frustration later; it’s much easier to eliminate any pressure on one’s self from the get go.

With the goodbye of one year and the hello to a new year: I like to reflect.

As I reflect on the year that was 2014- I can safely say it was one of the greatest years of my life to date. It really was a most wonderful year and a small part of me feels undeserving to have all the blessings I have been given! I say this with complete humbleness. I am oh so grateful for what I do have!

So thankful.

Not only did I become wife to a wonderful man, but I also fulfilled one of my greatest dreams and completed my first year in business full time, (and I am not stopping at that). I got to see family members and old friends that I haven’t seen for a long, long time. I moved into a beautiful new home with my husband and furry son, Casper; and I got to travel to some of the most stunning destinations most of us would only dream of visiting.

And of course, I finally started this blog!

On the flip side, I will admit that there were also some less than perfect experiences that presented themselves to me this year.

Were there some not so great times of twenty fourteen?


You see, unlike my Facebook or Instagram account may signify; there were also a number of challenges that in hindsight were actually some of the most important lessons I had to learn and although not pretty or perhaps easy at the time, have certainly helped me become bolder about tackling all that this new year may bring.

These challenges came in the form of some of the greatest financial pressures of my adulthood, failed business decisions, unjust defamation of my character and business, and the recent news that a close family member has cancer and only weeks to live. Just to name a few.

And yet…

I will begin 2015 with an uncanny peace that can only come from the knowledge that I serve and am loved by a great God and that my so called problems are nothing in comparison to the wonderful things that are yet to come.

Yes, I will be entering 2015 with an air of acceptance that I may not have it all together, just yet.

And that is completely ok.

Happy New Year!

Amanda xox


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