The First Step

The first step is always the hardest but once you take it, you will find the next step is not so impossible. Before you know it you are making strides. 

JP & Amanda-715

It has taken me several years of procrastination but I have done it.

I have made that first step. Yes, I am here! I have a BLOG!! An “official” place to off-load my mind chatter. Now before you go and spill all, hold on just a second…do you really want to go down this road, Amanda? Couldn’t you just keep a journal instead and ramble away like you have done before? Why start a blog and reveal all your inner thoughts and have it splashed over the internet for anyone and everyone to see!?

These are the thoughts that have played in my mind any time I have attempted to write a blog post. Quite frankly I am sick of the same dialogue running around in my head. With a new year just around the corner, what better time then now to start something fresh!

I love the idea of keeping a journal, but the reality is I have never been able to consistently write in mine. I have had bouts in which I keep regular entries for a period of a week here or a month there. More often then not, the next time I even open the pages again; my last entry can end up being several years back! A journal can be a great outlet, and in the past has been for me. I will probably continue keeping one and write in it… every other year.

I’m convinced. There’s something adventurous, risky and exciting about sharing some of your inner most thoughts to complete strangers (and possibly a few friends and family along the way too). To intentionally share your experiences and patterns of thought – that deep and personal stuff, what a thrill! I am so excited about the prospect that maybe, just maybe my experiences or lessons learnt could help or encourage another person or two. It lifts me. Heck, it gives my life a whole new meaning!

In time, I hope this blog will be more than a virtual journal for me to get things off my chest and clear out some of the “noise” in my head. Hopefully one day I will have the opportunity to share with others who I really am and what I am learning as I go about this journey of life. Who knows? Maybe I can create something that will change lives – to encourage, support and influence others to fight for everything they were put on this earth to be and help find ways to establish all they were purposed to do.

As a bonus I hope that this will be a way in which I can grow and transform as a person. To find the purposed and called me.

I have a really good feeling about this!!

Yep, I may just take that next step and see where it leads me…

The White Butterfly (aka Amanda) xox

PS: Those legs you see in the photo above are of my husband and I at our recent wedding. Hey, that could be a good post to put up yes? Photo by John Benavente


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